Tips on Choosing a Freight Broker in Houston

Choosing a Freight brokers in Houston? Here it truly is January of the New Year, so you promised your boss that you were going to take a seat and review your report on vendors. Alternatively, worse, your longtime freight broker has suddenly gone outside of business, a road kill victim on the new MAP-21 legislation lately mandated by Congress. In this posting, we take a look at being sure that know when choosing a Houston freight broker, whether you are evaluating your present one or purchasing a new transportation associate. How hard can the idea be you ask? Think again.

Not all freight brokers are created equal.

The quality and reliability of your respective Freight brokers in Houston can be integral in your business’s success. Your broker is an accurate business partner, and you will be joined at this hip.

With that at heart, here are our 5 tips for choosing the proper Freight brokers in Houston:

Are that they licensed & bonded?

This is an industry hot button at the moment. Due to the implementation of a new law raising broker bonding requirements from $10, 000 to be able to $75, 000 last fall, nearly 10, 000 small brokers happen to be put out of the company. Inadvertently run over as a possible unintended consequence of Congress’s brand new MAP-21 legislation. Be cautious with motor carriers who broker loads without broker authority. Before you select the latest freight broker, make sure they’ve already the proper authority, license and especially the modern $75, 000 bonds.

The time have they been operational?

So your good close friend and next-door neighbor just started a brokerage business outside of his house, and he is promising to provide you with the good neighbor low cost. Think again. Plenty of studies have established that during the 1st two years of a company’s existence, survival could be the only goal. Their management knows what they are doing. When choosing a financier, you should align yourself with successful, experienced company partners. More details here.

Are they multi-modal?

Consider a broker’s areas of expertise, both geographic and in business. Are they nationwide? Most licensed freight brokerages provide truckload and LTL electric motor carrier service. Some also offer additional service possibilities, such as air shipment, ocean shipping, warehousing, and project cargo and customs brokerage firm services. Freight brokers in Houston, who can easily offer multiple modes of service, can copy capacity shortages in 1 mode with alternative stations. They can also make your life a lot easier, providing a one-stop resource for shipping to companies too small to cover their logistics employees.

Pricing – Get it on paper.

Cheaper is always much better. Alternatively, is it? Make sure that you get a quote in on paper that clearly details every accessorial charge on a shipment. In the scenario of air and underwater freight, those fees can make up just as much as 50% of the cost of the shipment, especially on intercontinental moves. In particular, make sure that you clearly communicate to your customer plus the broker who will produce duties and taxes with all international freight. Duties and taxes can add just as much as 30% to the cost of freight which is not an expense you would like to get blindsided with.

Check on Freight brokers in Houston!

  • How do they select their carriers?
  • How are usually their communication skills?
  • Run a credit check.
  • How very good is their billing department?
  • Do they provide freight insurance?

Lastly, check Referrals? This may sound like an obvious one, but lots of people overlook it. You would not hire the latest employee for a critical role without at the least checking a few references does one? Your freight broker is every bit as important. Does their size match your individual business size and offer how much-personalized service you require building your business? Now is the time to discover the best Freight brokers in Houston.

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